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Goonie Grains™ Sterilized Grain

Goonie Grains™ Sterilized Grain

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Sterilized Grain for Growing Mushrooms. Whole Oats, Milo, Injection Port, 0.2 µm Filter.

Goonie Grains™ production ready grain spawn mix will help you grow and expand thriving mycelium. This oat and sorghum blend maximizes inoculation points, is ideal for mushroom cultivation, and is intended for intermediate to experienced growers.

Net Contents: 3 L (3.2 QT)

Ingredients: Whole oats, milo, gypsum, lime

Grow Bag: XLS-T, 0.2 µm filter, injection port


This product is intended for use with Pacific Substrates Paddy Poo™ at a 1:2 spawn to substrate ratio. Whether you're spawning to tubs, bags, or beds, Goonie Grains™ is the ideal grain spawn for specialty mushroom cultivation.

Money Back Guarantee: Pacific Substrates offers a 6 month money back guarantee on all sterilized products.


Growing instructions video linked here.

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